Sorts Of Massage:

Just how the yoni massage focuses or concentrates on the female genitals, the lingam massage focuses on the male genitals. The term “lingam” literally means “Staff of life”. It is too, a type of tantric massage that focuses on enhancing the sex life of a male and healing the penal region related disorders and other diseases. It also produces enlightenment related energy. The man gets to experience a wonderful level of pleasure.

The giver as well as the taker, that is, the male client as well as the masseur radiates satisfaction. It builds up, on intimacy. The client ought to free his mind in order to receive the best pleasurable and satisfactory experience.

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Getting to know about the various techniques of delivering lingam massage:

For the best lingam massage, the following steps must be followed by the masseur:

  • The masseur ought to make himself or herself and the client very comfortable. Only then will the client be relaxed and at ease.
  • A sense of connection needs to develop between the masseur and the client. A certain level of intimacy should develop.
  • The masseur must start massaging the groin region first as a warm-up, to get the client ready and then work towards the lingam slowly and steadily.
  • Squeeze and stroke actions must be used for the best tantric massage.

The nuru massage is a common type of body massage given by several masseurs all over the world. Unlike yoni oils, the oils used in these massages have no scent or odour. The term nuru literally means slippery. In this form of massage, the masseur starts to rub his or her body against the body of the client.

Tips to make usage of yoni pearls:

Yoni pearlsshould be taken by women only after consulting a gynaecologist as some females may be prone to or at a risk of developing allergies. The yoni pearls are pulled out of the vagina after about two days from its usage. These pearls are most likely to be bigger in size as compared to what it was earlier. This is because, the absorption of toxins and other unwanted particles leads to an increase in the size.

Around 3 yoni pearls equal to one cleanse. Using about 6 such pearls ensures maximum cleanliness. The female should not use these pearls however, when there are just 7 days left for menstrual discharge. More and more women should use these pearls to live a healthy and disease free life.

By jason